Are there any restrictions on using rods and reels when fishing in louisiana?

You only need a regular fishing license to use a rod and reel. However, if you want to fish with traps, nets, trawls or other specialized equipment, you'll need an additional permit. They are available to both residents and non-residents, although they are cheaper for locals. In the state's legally defined saltwater areas, the basic fishing license can be used to fish for and maintain freshwater fish, but not saltwater species.

Bull Reds on the plains, Blue Marlin on the high seas, the state has it all, as long as you have a Louisiana fishing license. With just a few exceptions, all fishing activities in Louisiana require some type of license. Commercial fishing licenses are required to fish for these types of gear and other types of commercial gear that are not specifically authorized with recreational equipment licenses. At the other end of the scale, the Sportsman's Paradise license allows you to fish and hunt, and includes permits for all fishing equipment, except for 16-foot trawls.

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