Are there any special regulations for fishing in certain areas of louisiana?

Fishermen aged 16 and older who fish or own fish in Louisiana waters must have a fishing license. Who must hold a Louisiana fishing license. For more information, visit the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries resources on fishing regulations by following this link. Another way to purchase a fishing license in the state of Louisiana is to obtain it in person at the offices of the LDWF (Baton Rouge, Alexandria, Lake Charles, Monroe and Opelousas) and at local stores.

Offshore fishing in the Gulf of Mexico is best for catching groupers and snappers, but you have to learn the proper technique of catching and releasing these deep-sea fish so as not to harm them. The state of Louisiana has established different daily catch limits for each species and these limits depend on the fishing season. There are fishing regulations and laws established by the state for the protection and conservation of its waterways and fish populations. If you are fishing south of the saltwater line in search of saltwater species, you must also have a saltwater license in addition to your basic fishing license.

With this guarantee, you can fish in Louisiana waters without having to carry the applicable license or certification card. There are age requirements for a fishing license in Louisiana and stipulations about slot limits and baggage limits. There are specific fishing regulations for designated areas and waterways that are subject to change depending on the current situation and the assessment of fish stocks. Read on to learn more about the special licenses and permits you need for recreational saltwater fishing in Louisiana, as well as the latest seasons and limits, equipment restrictions and requirements, and prohibited species.

The license you purchase, depending on the type and validity, will give you access to the beautiful and vibrant Louisiana fishing site. When fishing in Louisiana, it should be understood that state laws have designated a “saltwater line” in southern Louisiana.

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