Is it illegal to fish with goldfish in louisiana?

Fishery biologists couldn't offer any explanation, and research on old regulations revealed no such prohibition. A few select states across the country have no information in one way or another about the (il) legality of using goldfish as bait. They include Delaware, Hawaii, Louisiana and North Carolina. Since you're not explicitly told that you can't, fishing with goldfish as live bait will most likely be okay in these four states.

This can cause the extinction of other fish species, disrupting the diet of larger fish, which eat smaller fish to survive. For more detailed information on the legal areas and the respective waters, see the Arizona Fish and Hunting Regulations. In North Carolina, inland game fish and non-game fish can be used as bait, if they have been caught legally and within the limits of the respective fillet and water size. In addition, minnows, big fish that are not game fish and fish that are not game fish can be caught for personal use as bait without the need for a valid commercial fishing license.

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