What kind of freshwater fish are in louisiana?

Spotted trout, also known as spotted trout, is a common estuarine fish found on the southern shores of the Gulf of Mexico and on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean from Maryland to Florida. While most of these fish are caught in shallow, grassy plains, spotted trout reside in almost any coastal water, from the waves of outer islands to the farthest coastal rivers, where they tend to take refuge in cold weather. Contrary to its name, spotted trout is not a member of the trout family, but of the drum family. Because of its size, shape and eating habits, it is known as trout.

The 186,000-acre Toledo Bend probably offers the best freshwater fishing in Louisiana and some of the best in the entire country. Rivers, streams and swamps Between the Sabine and the Pearl, Louisiana athletes can also fish Ouachita, Tensas, Black, Boeuf, Calcasieu, Amite, Blind, Tickfaw, Tangipahoa, Tchefuncte, Bogue Chitto, Whisky Chitto and many other rivers, streams and swamps that feed an abundant tapestry of life. From the coastal waters and swamps of Shell Beach, Delacroix, Hopedale and New Orleans to the coastal waters of the Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana's diversity of fish species is second to none. Of course, no compendium of hot pits could cover all of the great fishing spots in Louisiana, but part of the fun of fishing includes exploring new points of interest in the deservedly named Sportsman's Paradise.

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