What size fish can you keep when fishing?

Take a thermometer with you and consider the temperature of the water when you target cold-water species such as trout, musk and striped bass during the summer. See the crab measurement methods (PDF) (opens in a new tab) and the current California Ocean Sport Fishing Regulations brochure for more information on rock crab fishing. The daily bag and possession limit is three fish, except that only one fish can be caught in waters south of Point Conception between March 15 and June 15.The daily bag and possession limit is 10 fish within the general daily bag limit of 20 fish in total, with no minimum size limit. The daily fishing and possession limit is 20 fish in combination of all species (except the bright perch), with no more than 10 fish of a single species.

Individuals who engage in recreational fishing in North Carolina's coastal waters must hold a recreational coastal fishing license in accordance with G.

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