What type of fish can be found in louisiana waters?

Louisiana fish species: redfish - Red Drum. Blue gall is a prolific fish and is found literally everywhere in Louisiana waters. They are one of the favorite prey of predatory fish such as bass. Because of this, the blue gall will remain close to a protective cover, such as dense thickets, grasses, and wood standing and submerged.

Blue galls reproduce when the water temperature reaches 78 to 80 degrees. They will reach 8 to 10 inches during their second year if there is enough food and space. An overabundance of blue galls in a body of water will affect its growth rate and reduce or prevent successful spawning. As for saltwater species, the Bayou State shorelines offer a great variety.

Some of the fish you can catch from the coast are the redfish, the spotted trout and the black drum. If you prefer freshwater fishing, lakes and rivers offer a healthy mix of bass, blue galls, crabs, catfish and more. The largemouth bass is the most sought after freshwater fish by Louisiana sport anglers and can be found throughout the state. For anglers who already have all their equipment, there's no easier way to go fishing in Louisiana than to choose a spot on any of its shores and start throwing.

However, once you get the hang of it, you can fully enjoy one of the most exciting ways to fish in Louisiana. Mahi mahi, wahoo, marlin and sailfish are just a few of the pelagic species you can find while fishing offshore in Louisiana. The redfish season in Louisiana is especially vibrant, as fish sometimes reach 40 inches. You'll also need a proper guide if you plan to fish deep water in Louisiana, as fishing beyond the state limit requires a federal permit.

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