Where are the best spots to catch certain species of fish in louisiana waters?

For fishing in the Ford Park area, on the south side of the lake, there is a public fishing pier. Head to any of the local bait stores to pick up the equipment and get ready. Cross Lake, Shreveport: The calm green waters of Cross Lake in Shreveport are home to hundreds of acres of water perfect for fishing Louisiana's famous black largemouth bass. Head to any of the local bait stores to get your gear and get ready for a day of fishing.

Delta wetlands also create some of the best catfish habitats in the country. In addition to Lac Des Allemands, other great lakes for catfish are the 11,500-acre Lake Palourde, the 1,024-acre covered lake and the 14,000-acre Lake Verret near Morgan City. Each of these lakes can produce numerous blue, flat-headed cats in the range of 40 to 60 pounds and an incredible number of channel cats. Lafitte has some of the best fishing spots in Louisiana waters.

Its bays and lakes are always ready to welcome fishing lovers. Turtle Bay, Old Cheinie, “Brusle Lake” and Long Bay guarantee a fruitful redfish harvest. With a dense population of largemouth bass swimming in the system of locks, arches and pools that make up the Red River, it's hard to find better bass fishing in northern Louisiana. You'll also need a proper guide if you plan to fish deep water in Louisiana, as fishing beyond the state limit requires a federal permit.

Created in 1991 to inject freshwater into low-lying brackish wetlands east of the Mississippi River, below New Orleans, the Caernarvon Division also created some of the best blackbass fisheries in Louisiana. White bass fishing usually peaks in early spring, and anglers are successful with small baits and templates, especially when these fish congregate to spawn in the Sabine River or other tributaries. What's most important to anglers is that this voracious fish attacks anything from fish to small birds, insects and reptiles. Like Toledo Bend, further south, Caddo Lake extends on both sides of the Louisiana and Texas border and is a premier fishing spot for anglers in both states.

Blacklark bass fishing is best from fall to winter in Toledo Bend, as fish are more active during the day, especially in shallow water. In the waters off Louisiana (and Texas), you can find impressive fishing for large redfish in freshwater lakes and streams, brackish water lagoons, and coastal saltwater waters. Louisiana has some of the best places to fish for bass in the continental United States, but naturally some places are better than the rest. However, once you get the hang of it, you can fully enjoy one of the most exciting ways to fish in Louisiana.

The 186,000-acre Toledo Bend probably offers the best freshwater fishing in Louisiana and some of the best in the entire country. Caddo Lake is just half an hour northwest of Shreveport and also has some of the best places to fish for crabs in Louisiana. Across Louisiana, there are many great places to fish in rivers and lakes that offer fantastic land-based fishing opportunities. I grew up fishing for anything that could swim, but I really cut my teeth fishing for trout, chained pickerel, bass and bull heads in my teens.

I grew up fishing for anything that could swim, but in my teens I loved fishing for trout, chained pickerels, bass and bull heads.

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