Where is the best place to fish in louisiana?

Black Bayou Lake is surrounded by a national wildlife refuge just north of Monroe. Caddo Lake — Oil City, LA. Caney Lake is currently ranked No. The ranking is largely due to the staggering weights of the tournaments, in addition to the large number of sea bass weighing more than 10 pounds caught in recent years.

Habitat conditions are currently driving the increase in fat fish and the total abundance of bass in this 5,000-acre reservoir in Jackson Parish. Most of this production is due to the large number of pure breeding fish of the Florida strain provided by the LDWF's Booker Fowler fish farm. Louisiana is one of the top fishing destinations in the entire country, some would say even in the world. Across Louisiana, there are many great places to fish in rivers and lakes that offer fantastic land-based fishing opportunities.

Some will say that this 186,000-acre lake is THE best freshwater fish in the country, let alone in Louisiana.

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